Acupuncture cures (almost) always

In my practice I apply acupuncture as preventive medicine and for all chronic diseases, provided that there is a confirmed veterinarian diagnosis. This means that it has to be excluded, that for instance a colic is not caused by an intestinal obstruction (Ileus), a lameness not by an abscess of the hoof or a diarrhea not by parasites etc.

My main disciplines

  • Acupuncture for all chronic diseases
    Detection and dissolving of local blockades during all chronic diseases from osteoarthritis to teeth grinding
  • Acupuncture for preventive purposes
    Check for possible blockades in the healthy horse, in order to prevent diseases, (Recommendation: once or twice per year, for show horses up to four times per year)
  • Energetic testing
    During general problems for detection of further functional blockades, for instance of the back, joints, organs, in order to determine if other experts such as traditional veterinary, dentist, saddler or blacksmith should be consulted.

Note: Acupuncture may also be used in acute medicine for supporting the healing process. This treatment, however, is not offered in my practice due to structural reasons.


TORP-14-002_Flyer_141022_v03.pdf [German] Flyer Akupunkturorientierte Energiearbeit (AOE)