Acupuncture cures enduringly

General remark: An acupuncture or AOE treatment will not cause any damage to the animal and cannot cause any disease. The state of health can, however, momentarily change for the worse, since an etiologic healing process will be started, which goes back to the time, when the affection has started. (This might date a long time back, often to the time when the horse was a foal).

Healing according to the multi-layer principle

Normally several treatments will be necessary to get the animal into a solid state of health. The first treatment dissolves the outer layer of the diseased organism. Very often another layer, -as in an onion, – with another problem, lies below this first layer. Therefore an aggravation during the first days after the treatment is normal and should not cause any concern. This applies for approximately 20% of first treatments.

1-4 acupuncture treatments

According to my experience, in 90% of all cases, one to four treatments at an interval of two to four weeks are necessary to achieve a distinct improvement of the diagnosed pathology.

Further preventive treatments once or twice per year are recommended, they will prevent further diseases and let the animal become more solid in the general state of health.

Acupuncture has its limits where structures have been destroyed.