Acupuncture-oriented energy treatment of human beings

It may sound a bit surprising that a veterinary treats human beings. I have developed a personal therapy for horses, the acupuncture-oriented energy treatment (AOE). Basis of AOE is acupuncture, an important pillar of TCM, the traditional Chinese Medicine. My therapy concentrates on the cause for a disease, mostly a disturbance of the Qi-flow. The symptoms of the disease do not have much significance. They only show the weak points of the organism, and are nearly meaningless for a diagnosis in the essential sense.

During nearly twenty years of experience in acupuncture, I repeatedly found confirmed that an undisturbed energy flow (Qi – Flow) can prevent and cure even severe diseases. Horse owners, who have experiences the results of this method in their horses, asked me frequently, if I would not treat people. Since I was also interested to know if the findings could be transferred from a horse to a human being, I started treating people in January 2006.

I would like to thank all patients for their willingness for cooperation and their confidence. After four years of this treatment I can now prove that the method is transferrable and leads to remarkable results in human beings also.

Of course acupuncture-oriented energy work does not replace a clinical diagnosis or Western way of treatment. It is mainly recommended for patients, who have no further treatment options. These are patients, who have been informed by traditional medicine doctors , that they have no treatment options left or patient , who are considered “healthy”, though they suffer from certain symptoms. AOE is also suitable for persons, who want to amend the traditional medicine or simply want to do something good for themselves.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me.

Christian Torp