Acupuncture with utmost precision (spot-on)

I am successfully working in the field of acupuncture of horses since many years and I am treating the horses according to a diagnosis-therapy procedure which I have developed myself.

In 2003 I have developed a method of acupuncture, which became known as one-needle-therapy, based on the traditional Chinese medicine. In the following years up to date I have enhanced this method. I have experienced that the therapy without needle, i.e. by mental force only (mental acupuncture) is as effective as the therapy with needles (acupuncture).

Check if there is a problem caused by the castration scar

By omitting the needle it became possible to dissolve other functional blockades of for instance joints and organs.

In addition I have developed the way of energetic testing (kinesiology) directly on the horse. This allows to find hidden blockades also and to test the necessity for another specialist (traditional veterinary, dentist, blacksmith, saddler).

I call this enhancement of the classic acupuncture acupuncture-oriented energy work (AOE).

I will demonstrate every step during a therapy in detail to you.