Die australische Kollegin Maike Turnbull hat eine sehr schöne Beschreibung der AOE mit einem Film erstellt. Die Texte sind in englischer Sprache.

Acupuncture – Oriented Energy Work (AOE) maiketurnbull.com.au

Video Description

This video shows a demonstration of the examination and treatment of a horse by veterinarian Dr Christian Torp, using his unique method of Acupuncture – Oriented Energy work (AOE).

I filmed this demonstration during a workshop taught by Dr Torp in Germany in May 2016.

It is difficult to believe what you see happening in this video. I have tried my best to explain and translate what is happening along the way. I have edited the video as little as possible to show the entire demonstration.

For more information about Dr Torp you can visit his website at: www.torp.de

For a detailed summary of Dr Torp’s workshop and AOE visit my blog at: www.maiketurnbull.com

About me: „I am a veterinarian on a mission to discover all the things that formal education failed to mention – going beyond the western medical paradigm.“